ACHIEVE Survey of Evangelism

Dr. Lee Barnett

ACHIEVE: Adult Education

Introduction to Scripture  ACV1730  (3 Credit Hours)

Decatur Extension Center

Training course for instructors in SEBC Online courses.

A study of methods and techniques used to successfully lead a church to mature to its full potential.  Principles in motivating members, staffing, developing vision levels and decision-making are among the course topics.

Spiritual Formation and Discipleship prepares the student for effective ministry in the local church context as well as personal growth. It provides competency in the following areas: Evangelism, Cultural/sociological research, Discipleship and Spiritual Formation.

Disciple-Making Youth Ministry is a study of the principles and strategy needed to develop a youth ministry focused on discipling and evangelizing students. An emphasis will be placed upon practical application within a ministry setting. It is strongly recommended the student be currently involved in a youth ministry during this course.